16 Oct 2013

Things I'm loving Thursday...

1) How gorgeous is this purple floral print sweater from Uniglo? An Autumn must have for sure...

2) And an autumn fleece for him from baby Uniglo. Isn't this just the cutest? So snuggly and warm.

3) Since 'mini scrapping' is how I roll these days, I have pinned all of these pages by Jen Jockisch. Love the layers, the cute prints (especially the camera print - need this!) and that middle pun.

4) Love the pretty colours of the autumn leaves and plenty of walks with the family in the brisk autumn air. I, of course, wear boots rather than bare feet.

5) Since joining in with Julie Kirk's Going Postal I have been hyper aware of using traditional office supplies in my scrapbooking. I found this tutorial on pinterest for printing onto post-it notes and love, love, love this idea! Expect to see it used around here soon.

6) In the same thread I also loved this stamp...

7) Baby and I are loving baby sensory. It is giving me ideas for ways to play with him and that it is never too young to start reading - score!

8) Lastly I am loving my friend Steve's homemade chilli - he uses dark chocolate in it and even makes the pita bread from scratch. Yummy! An action shot of him in the kitchen...


9) Lastly looking forward to this event tomorrow...launch of Trinity Kitchen Northern Street Foods. I love the street food and food truck trend and have always felt that Leeds was missing a treat - now Leeds will be a more complete day out in my opinion.

  What are you loving at the moment?
Come on lurkers - reveal yourselves!


  1. What a glorious post full of lovely things! That stamp is wonderful and when I clicked through, what is not to like about the words 'quirky' and 'paper' in the one sentence! And a man who cooks too? You have landed well :).

  2. Haha won't Steve be happy! Looks delish!! I'm excited for the Trinity Kitchen launch too! Can't wait to hear all about it...I foresee a trip to Leeds in our near future (well I don't...but if funds magically appear in my wallet then I'm there like a bear!) Love that little fleece suit for Ellis...I didn't even know uniglo did baby stuff, I guess I've found a new site to browse! I love that what a pair pun and the camera print too and the post it idea is amazing! I'm loving feeling a few more kicks from baby B! having an interview tomorrow for my permanent position...fingers crossed! and I just saw this groupon deal today for a 15 person photoshoot in the studio for £15 down from £250...it's good 'til April - I was thinking when you all come up for Baby B's blessing it would be a good chance to take that group family photo we've been talking about taking for years and years - what do you reckon?

    1. I reckon that sounds like a plan. How cute to have cousin B and Ellis in a pic?

  3. I know where to go shopping for you & Ellis now then! ;) I didn't know Uniqlo did bayy clothes - its cute. Love the pear scrapbook page idea and the chilli and pita bread looks tasty! x

  4. an interesting selection! never heard of Uniqlo so i think i will have to check it out to see what i;m missing x


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