11 Oct 2013

Foodie Friday: Date night ideas

So a friend was going for lunch with her husband yesterday and asked me for some recommendations, so I thought that I would share five places we like to grab lunch or go on a date (with or without baby in two - mostly the first option these days!) :-

1) Red's diner (full review see here). For thick shakes, skin on fries, huge plates of delicious BBQ style food than this is a great place for brunch, lunch or dinner with that special someone. 

2) Sunshine Bakery, Chapel Allterton (see full review here). If you want a menu that is freshly baked, changing daily and has really delicious flavour combinations than this is the place for you. The sandwiches below were on pumpkin bread and it was so tasty. They do the biggest selection of homemade brownies with flavours like mint aero and toblerone and their cupcakes are award winning. Have I sold it to you yet?

3) The Greedy Pig, Leeds City Centre It may look like your average greasy spoon but trust me the food is a cut above. A great place for a fry up, but the also have sandwiches and burgers and daily specials. I had a veggie burger and it came served with loads of fresh dressings and chutney and packed a flavour punch where often veggie burgers are a bit bland. They have delicious freshly baked cakes and desserts too. It is run by a couple Jo and Stu and they will really give you a great Yorkshire welcome. I was heavily pregnant when we ate her and Jo was really accomodating making sure that I sat by the fan and was served a cold drink straight away.

4) The Cheerful Chilli, Otley Chevin. Again quite rustic surroundings but delicious, fresh and healthy vegetarian food with a Mexican twist. They only serve lunch on the weekends and you have to book for the evenings as it is really popular. I love their hoppity pie, spanakopita and their enchiladas. However here it is all about the homemade cakes and homemade ice-cream - so delicious and such a huge variety that you will hover by the deli counter and umm and ahh for quite a while - guaranteed!

5) Everyman Cinema, Leeds Trinity. I have been here twice so far once for mummy cinema (£10 for you and baby and you get a hot drink and slice of cake) to see About Time and the second time on my first child free Saturday date night with The Belgian. It is a bit pricer than your usual cinema, but only by a few pounds and it is totally worth paying that extra few quid for the experience you get here is the Rolls Royce of cinema. You sit on plush, comfy sofas and have lots of cushions to make yourself extra comfortable. There is a bar and pizzeria on sight and so you can have dinner and a movie at the same time. The popcorn, drinks and snacks are probably more reasonably priced than your average multiplex. This will become our regular as when we get a baby free night we want to make it worthwhile.


So there you go - have a date this weekend with your someone special.
Where do you like to do on date night? 

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