1 Oct 2013

Life in the fast lane...

So its been very busy round here and so I thought that I'd do a roundup post to share what we've been up to, things we're loving and things to come on this blog...

1) My family came to visit for the weekend as our baby was getting blessed. We were lucky that their visit coincided with Kirstall Abbey Deli Market and that the sun was shining - more information on it here. Yummy Yank peanut butter brownies and onion bajis were my snacks of choice whilst the rest of the crew got buffalo burgers.
Here we are posing with my little sister who is 20 weeks pregnant now and barely showing - but she is convinced she has a huge bump just as I did at 12 weeks!

Mom was delighted by the allotment stall and got giant onions and marrows for like 25p. Speaking of which what does one do with a giant marrow as she left two with us!

2)  My sister came up trumps with this amazing and very tasty chocolate fudge cake. It was the centre piece of the buffet table at the blessing and got gobbled up very quickly.
3) Some more snapshots of the buffet table. I made the sugar cookies and the oreo rocky road and plan to share the recipes this Foodie Friday on my blog. The lemon and blueberry cupcakes are a family fav and I made them for my friend's wedding - the recipe can be found here on Annie Eats. The funny thing was that I asked my sister (of Cupcake Crazy Gem 'fame') to make the cupcakes and she had pinned this recipe ages ago and didn't realise that I had made them before - sisters think alike I guess!
 4) A rare family shot in our garden after the blessing. Its almost the whole family - one of my sisters is allergic to photos! Gotta love pictures like these and definitely one to be scrapped.

5) I am loving this scrapping tutorial by Elizabeth Kartchner. I love the mini album and want to make one with some of my instagram shots of the baby using song lyrics for journalling and titles. I also love the cute little photo printers she mentions at the end - the selphy and the Zinc no ink. What photo printers do you all have? I want to invest in one so I can scrap the here and now rather than always waiting to do a big order with snapfish or photoboxx.

This is a cute sunny mini book and her most recent video can be found here.

6) This video is doing the rounds on social media and Stephen Merchant is just the funniest ever! 

7) October sees a mini series on my blog - proof that I do still scrapbook! Every Monday I will be sharing a different idea for using journalling cards on an 8.5 by 11 layout. Finally some baby scrapping to show you - a sneak peak below. 

So don't forget marrow recipes, tips about good photo printers or just share what you're loving right now in the comments below.


  1. So there's a baby cousin on the way? That'll be brilliant.

    i have a selphy printer and I love it..just wish that the version which prints wirelessly direct from my iphone had been available when I bought it. I've heard some people say they think the prints from it are dark, but I have never found that

  2. Ooh check you out with your photo collages! Love it! I'm wishing I had that buffet spread in front of me right now...sooo hungry at work! It was such a fun weekend! I feel pretty silly as you really can't see a bump at all in that top picture!! oh well! p.s I really thought life in the fast lane was a cue for the pic of Ellis driving his first car!! Thanks for having us, we had a blast! I'll upload the reds pics to snapfish too x

  3. another baby in the family...exciting! Marrows...it's been years since i stuffed a marrow - no-one liked it so i've never done it since. it was a recipe like this one http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/stuffed_marrow_43279 As for photo printers I have a normal cannon printer which prints well. I still send most of my photos off to be printed though x look forward to your mini series

  4. Many congratulations on the new arrival in a few months! My Mum had a Selphy which worked really well and I have contemplated one for my ipad so I could print when I was away from home.


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