28 Oct 2013

Mini Memory Mondays: Titles

Hi I am glad that you have all braved the storm to join me for the fourth installment in my mini series - Mini Memory Mondays. We have so far covered ways to incorporate journalling (or project life) cards into mini layouts, ways to use tags for journalling and ways to customise tags. Today I thought that we would focus on ready made titles.
When I have given scrapbooking workshops for beginners in the past one thing that they always struggle with is coming up with titles. They say that they struggle not to think of cheesy titles. I often use song titles, a phrase from the journalling, puns or popular sayings. However, since we have taken so many pictures of The Baby it can be difficult to think of lots of different titles - especially since sometimes we can take lots of pictures of the same day/ event and you can run out of inspiration.
This is when ready made titles on stickers or journalling cards can really come into their own. Below are some of the layouts that I have created with 'just because' photos:-

Good old Dear Lizzie range provided this cute little journalling card which worked perfectly with this layout about his first smile.

The sentiment on this frame worked perfectly with these photos of his adoring daddy and journalling about what a natural he is.

This plaque was part of a set and worked well with the photo of my sister and The Baby. I completed this layout with some misting and sequins.

These were two just because pictures taken a few days after he was out of hospital and so the 'Hello there little man we have been waiting for you...' sticker was perfect (especially since we had been waiting!)

Now I did use letter stickers and glitter thickers for this title, but the subtitle was a sticker and seemed to work well with this photo of us before we left the hospital. Our one regret was that we did not get a photo of our baby with the midwives who helped to deliver him and so if you're pregnant I would definitely recommend that you get a photo of them.

Do you struggle to think of titles?
If so how do you overcome it?


  1. Your titles are very neat! And perfect for this lovely clutch of super cute baby photos! This has been a great little series - thank- you :).

  2. Great pages, you are doing so well keeping up with your blog and scrapping. I've sent u a email. Not sure if u got it it may have gone in your junk x

  3. Ohmygoodness your scrapbooking is just amazing!!Wish I could do them this well,im so rubbish at putting them together!x

  4. Ah love that star washi tape in the first one! This is some brilliant scrapping...he will have the best baby book around that's for sure! I love the page of me and him, what a cutie...Mom made me give her an Ellis slide show at the weekend of every photo on our laptop I've ever taken of him so we were reliving the early days! By said he struggled to write his little bit about meeting him for the first time because Me and Mara had said everything already!! xxx and when I struggle to think of titles for my blogging...I turn to you!

  5. once or twice i've been stuck with a title and them i usually turn to something that was said at the time! great pages Mel and I love how you used the ready made titles x


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