18 Oct 2013

Foodie Friday: Katie and Kim's Kitchen at Trinity Kitchen Leeds

So as I mentioned yesterday I had been invited to the press launch of the new Trinity Kitchens and so it is only fitting that I drip feed you some of the treats they have in store for all you Northern foodie fans.
Firstly though, it seems that taking your baby to a press launch is not the done thing, who knew? As I weaved my bright green pram between clusters of champagne quaffing media moguls - I couldn't help but notice the sidelong glances and raised eyebrows and it reminded me of this moment in Sweet Home Alabama (excuse the poor quality)...

Except it wasn't a bar.
It was just an upmarket version of a food court. In a shopping centre. So get over yourselves.
So maybe I I wasn't offered the goodie bag that everyone else was clutching smugly and the snobby waiters and waitresses with trays full of yummy samples seemed to sweep by me before I could grab a tiny morsel. But you know I'm over it - can't you tell? Ha!
I had heard that the world discriminated against 'housewives' but this was my first time discovering this. Apparently I am a lot less interesting now that I have a baby. Here is what Ellis thought to the outing (along with some other snaps)...

 I do have to put out a disclaimer and say that the guy from The Chicago Rib Shack (on the left) was super friendly and chatted with me for ages. He seemed really passionate about their food and the future for their company. In the words of Arnie I'll be back...

Some of the 'stalls' are actually permanent restaurants such as Pho Vietnamese Cafe, Pizza Luxe (does what it says on the tin but incidentally some of the tastiest samples), Tortilla Mexican outlet selling burritos and the like, Chicago Rib Shak selling ribs smothered in BBQ sauce and thick and creamy milkshakes, Chip & Fish offering a posh take on the British favourite and Note offering hot drinks and cake.

However I was more interested in trying one of the specially shipped in food trucks - which are going to change on a monthly basis. They all looked quite exciting but I opted for Katie and Kim's Kitchen as I fancied something healthier and the soup sounded like just the thing for my winter sniffles. They were the winner of the British Street Food Awards and so I was expecting big things.
And boy did their spicy carrot and toasted coconut soup deliver. It had great texture and many levels of different flavours which worked so well together. The real star of the show was the melt in the mouth homemade scone lavished in butter which you could dip in your soup or just enjoy on its own - I mixed it up and did a bit of both.

I was so proud at how well behaved my precious little boy was all morning. His favourite part of the journey by far was getting to ride on the train for the first time. Whilst we were waiting in the train station his little head was just looking for left to right taking it all in. So many lights. So many people. So many lights... 

What is your opinion on street food? Is it the future? What is your favourite type of cuisine?  

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  1. Oh my, that photo of Ellis at the top is just priceless! I could just see this on a scrapbook page about your visit with a caption :). The soup with coconut sounds lovely - I am a big fan of coconut. Interesting, isn't it, the assumptions which people seem to make, just because there is a baby with you - you are very calm about it all, where I think I might have seethed a little more!


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