6 Oct 2013

Mini Memory Mondays: Journalling cards

Welcome to the exciting mini series on using tags and journalling cards in mini albums and mini pages (8.5 by 11) titled
 Mini Memory Mondays!

Like so many scrappers I take far too many photos.
Not necessarily a bad thing.
But an expensive and time consuming business when you're making 12 by 12 layouts.
So my baby scrapping so far is in the smaller size of 8.5 by 11.
I can also see the merits of project life style scrapping - you can cover more photos and use all those little bits of memorabilia (like napkins and business cards).
But I still like creating actual layouts.
I couldn't resist splurging on some cute journalling cards and so I thought I would do a mini series on my blog with ideas for using journalling cards and tags on 8.5 by 11 layouts and mini books.

Tutorial 1: Project Life cards for handwritten journalling

I love the titles on some journalling cards as they act as a prompt for your journalling. This layout is all about the moment that we discovered that our baby was a boy. We had decided to wait to find out (we were Team Yellow) and then after fourteen hours of stress and trauma my body still wasn't producing contractions on its own and so I had to have an emergency c-section. They wanted to tell me when they first opened me up but my husband said we'd wait nine months we could wait a little longer. I used a label to cover up his winky, but it is attached by a brad and so you can peek under but it is covered up to save his embarrassment when he's older!

However handwritten journalling can make a page look 'scrappy' or your journalling may be private and then you can turn a journalling card into a tag and place it in a mini envelope behind the picture. This layout for my mini book is quite small and so space for journalling is limited. I like to have the first line peeking out so that you know that it is there and the red works with the washi tape. This tag and envelope is pre-made but you could easily cut the corners off a PL card, punch a hole and put washi tape through it. I have included quite a few tags in this mini album and I like the look of them all hanging out the pages - it makes it feel very interactive. 

Join me next week for some more ideas for using tags and project life cards in your mini scrapping. 


  1. Love this!!ive been meaning to ask u,do u scrapbook a page at a time then collate them into a folder or such?xx

  2. I love the for the record card! and the hidden tag in a mini envelope is a great idea! I usually just put it straight behind the picture but then sometimes it gets stuck! I very nearly dragged all my scrapbooking stuff down from mom and dads attic this weekend as I thought I could finally after 6 years finish off my wedding album haha and do other stuff in my spare time before baby arrives...but then I couldn't handle the thought of getting it down the ladder so there it stays!


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