2 Apr 2012

What are your guilty pleasures?

I decided it was time to make a layout about my guilty pleasures.
The journalling is all about my embarrassing habits, like:
  • watching Joey and Dawson slideshows on youtube
  • baking just to eat all the baked goods myself
  • Facebook stalking (I think we're all guilty of this?)
  • Reading old diaries
  • Dying my hair copious times

The month scrapjacked are jacking Michelle Clements layout which I had just pinned a few weeks ago. I took inspiration from the idea of stacking layers under the photo - this seems to be a popular trend in scrapbooking at the moment. I also added the doilie to give it a vintage feel. The rosette took me ages to make with cutting and sticking of ribbon. I replicated the washi tape with strips of paper as I didn't have any washi to match the layout - I need to stock up on some more!
So now let me know...what are YOUR guilty pleasures?


  1. I love the rosette and the clothing strip, so cute! Mom's guilty pleasure is lamb flatbreads from BK and chocolate frapps from the Starbucks drive thru, Alli's guilty pleasure is Jeremy Kyle and Tesco's finest tarte au citron. By's is watching big fat gypsy weddings and mine is Malteser bunnies! Xxx

  2. Um... reading when I should be hoovering, sneaking extra chocolate when the kids aren't looking, sneaking blogging time when I should be dusting!

  3. That's a great page and a good idea about the washi tape - I never have any. Guilty pleasures? I think I'll have to develop some. :)


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