16 Apr 2012

Once you pop you can't stop...

Although this title pertains to the subject of my layout it also applies to stamps. When I uncover an old and neglected fav then I really use it a lot. I used my heart stamp as a recurring motif for the backing paper on this layout. In fact I used it to make my own cardstock - which is something I used to do years ago. I also dusted off my embosser and embossed the title. Don't you love my new shadow punch too? I couldn't find the right colour to put underneath to make it pop - but I think the gold works okay.
I have wanted to make a layout about my husband's obsession with popcorn for a while and I finally got the pic for it and then it all came together. I get annoyed with him as we go to wallet friendly Orange Wednesday and then he spends as much as we saved on a popcorn and drink. He cannot go to the cinema without popcorn. He shovels it down and its usually finished before the trailers are done. Bless!

Linking up with Shimelle's 8th challenge - just one stamp!


  1. I can't believe you say bless, I hate that word - you're sooo Northern! I never knew of Arne's love for popcorn, we have an untouched bag of toffee popcorn that's been in our cupboard for months! tell him to come on over! I like the striped background behind the pic...certainly makes it pop! x

  2. I like your layout and the stamping for the title, which is so cute! Somehow, I missed this challenge but I should really make time for it. I have so many neglected stamps that need a little love. :)

  3. Super cute layout! I love the story behind the photo!

  4. That's a great story to record - and he certainly looks very happy! Very creative to use just one stamp ...


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