10 Apr 2012

Top ten things about Budapest...

So went on on an Easter weekend mini break to Budapest and thought I would share my top ten things about The Pest (as it is affectionately known.) I spent hours last night editing them all!

1) The trams - it was so easy to get around this city due to all the different forms of transport.

2) The Langos (a local speciality) used fried dough, sour dough and grated cheese topped by spicy pickled cucumber.
3) I liked the grimy elements with all the graffitti.

4) The Children's Railway was one of our favourite activities. A railway run by teenagers (although the driver is an adult luckily) this girl was trying to sell us a whole variety of different soveneirs.
5) Szechenyi Spa - we spend two days here. It was bliss. The biggest spa in Europe with over 30 pools, rapids, saunas, steam rooms and an icy plunge pool!
6) A Hungarian style pretzel coated in cinammon.

7) The swing bridge leading across to Buda.

8) The hop on / hop off tour bus. It was the tour from hell as they were so disorganised!

9) The funicular leading to the Children's Railway. I loved all the different forms of old skool transport.
10) The architecture was amazing - especially St.Stephen's Basillica.
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  1. Love your photos. We went to "Pest" a few years ago and loved it!
    Thanks for sharing ... took me right back!

  2. Wow, those are wonderful photos, sounds like a very fun weekend. That spa looks amazing!

  3. Ooh check out all your snazzy photos! It looks like such an interesting place, those langos sound really tasty and the springs sound amazing, I love the crazy curled up pretzel! All the transport looked cool too - can't wait to see the rest of all the pics! You should really try and get lightroom, you can edit whole batches of photos in like less than 10 minutes! x

  4. Thank you for sharing photos of your trip! I have never been to Budapest so it was all new to me :)

  5. It looks like you had a fun trip! I love learning about different places. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks like a great trip. I went in 1989 and there was very little choice in the restaurants and then again in '99 but that was for work so I didn't get any sightseeing in. I think I should go again - would love to try a spa.

  7. Budapest is on my list of places I want to visit. It looks so interesting so thanks for giving me 10 more reasons to try and get there!

  8. ooh one place i'd love to visit and prague. glad u had a fun time. i love the pretzels with cinnamon idea yummy,
    jo xxx

  9. oooh lots of photos to scrap! Looks like an interesting place to visit!

  10. I've never been but it is on my list of places to visit. Looks amazing!

  11. Wonderful memories for you. I love the food pictures.

  12. Wow, it looks fantastic, and very different to my Easter weekend which I also blogged about for ten things! I've wanted to go to budapest for ages and these pics make me want to go even more! x

  13. We had a w/e in Budapest a while back - loved the spa, the indoor market and the roof tiles. We didn't try much of the food as we were staying with my sis, but wish we had now - it looks delicious!

  14. Thanks so much for posting this and telling me about it! I can't wait to go and do and try some of these things!


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