22 Apr 2012

But are they Wexford Strawberries?

So my regular followers may remember a particularly joyful October half term spent in London. We had blissful sunshine and I had a great time with my mom and sister. You can check it out here.
We were in Notting Hill on the weekend and my sister and I were in Hummingbird drooling over their cupcakes and for some reason my mom had not followed us. Now this is very unusual as she has a real sweet tooth!
But we soon discovered her as the Wafflemeister witnessing some hilarious waffle eating contests. A very drunk Irish guy was heckling all the contestants and bragging about how many waffles he would eat. He even went so far as to claim he would eat the whole table (about 30 waffles!) So when it was his turn to go we were looking forward to seeing if he could live up to these claims. His eyes were clearly bigger than his stomach and he barely managed one. He was hilarious to witness though. His face was covered in whipped cream. Prior to taking part in the contest he asked, "but are they Wexford strawberries?" How funny hey?!

I've had these photos for a while and was inspired by Shimelle's challenge of mixing two contrasting patterns. It coaxed me away from my A4 kraft - which I've been so obsessed with recently! I think A3 definately has more scope for telling a story.


  1. I remember your story - love what you've done with the photos, great page x

  2. Such a fun memory to scrapbook! Great page!

  3. I love those patterns together!


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