20 Apr 2012

Hop on hop off, horror tour!

Picture this.
You're on holiday in a new city and you've spent two days exploring.
You're feeling tired on the third day and so you decide to take a hop on/ hop off tour.
You get the tickets and then are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bus.
A bus arrives and they say it is full and there are no spaces.
You have to wait for the next bus.
A big group of Italian tourists turn up and start trying to push in.
Perhaps it is only the Brits who form orderly queues.
So you bustle your way to the front and the next bus arrives.
There is only ONE space.
There are two of you.
You are just about to go back and demand a refund when a bright yellow replacement bus turns up.
Everybody surges on, gets seats  and headsets. 
You debate not getting off at any stops, in case you don't get another seat.
You get off.
You have to get back on a live tour one and it is open top.
It is freezing and starts to rain.
The tour guides' microphone keeps losing signal.
Then it cuts out.
So what did I do....?
Why I laughed and thought what a great layout it would make...


Inspired by Shimelle's One Photo Twice challenge as I accidentally ordered two of the same pic!


  1. I'm glad you found *some* humor in the situation! I guess you can laugh now, right? Really nice layout!

  2. its good to turn things around and find the positive. Great layout Mel!


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