26 May 2011

Exploring Hodnet...

So only one day till the holidays! Happy times! I will be gaining at least one or two hours free every day too, now that Year 11's are leaving for study leave. Good times! Husband out so I got some scrappy time AND Grey's time tonight. Happy days!

So here is the finished layout...

Using Shimelle as inspiration I went crazy on the border stickets. I also used pics of scenery - which I don't often do. I think this pic of my little sis Gem is soooo cute. We found this underground mine when we were last at my parents and had a good afternoon exploring in the sun.
I am currently aching all over after last nights body pump class. A friend recommended trying it out and boy did it work muscles I never even knew I had. But this has to be a good thing. Right?!
Friday tomorrow so we cannot help but be in a good mood. How is everyone planning to spend their weekend?

24 May 2011

Wedding layout...

Hey!!! Here is a little (wonky) page I completed earlier this week. Lots of butterflies, a sprinkling of bling. I think I used a sketch but (as usual) I can't find it now! Looking at in now I think I should have edged the thickers so that they stand out more. I cut off the journalling spot and used some embellishments I found in an old kit which I never used - a good find! I am still trying to come to terms with using my slr. Somehow the person in the foreground was in focus but the people in the background were blurred. I have been wanting to do that for ages - but can never manage it. Any ideas how I could do it again?! Lol! xxx

21 May 2011

Slip 'n' slide...

Aloha! Exciting news my man and I have joint a gym...they sent me a ridiculously cheap offer after I inquired online about six months ago. So we went for a trial on Thursday night with our preggers friend who is due on....Sunday! Ha! However, like many things it was too good to be true as they only wanted to give me the offer as I had recieved the email (don't you hate it when that happens?) Thankfully the lady at the club gave us a competetive deal on him and so we have our induction on Monday night. You had to tick which out of the following you were hoping for: * to trim * to get fit * to tone up * to train So I asked if I could tick all of the above! I am excited to get fit for summer...beach diet begins today!
Onto scrappier things. I initially made this layout for Shimelle's weekly challenge, but as usual it was only half way through when it was the deadline! So instead a challenge to make chunky pages over at The Studio caught my eye and so I went for it with the chipboard and the prit-pads. I went for orange again as I felt it was a great contrast to the blues and the white in the photo. It is of our easter activity on the slip 'n' slide. A really fun day in the sun, I was going to go for a big, bold and chunky title but in the end wanted the emphasis to be on the pics. Ahhh so now Saturday rolls out in front of me with no plans. Am a bit bunged up. Tired from a little cheeky night out last night with my colleagues. What are you up to, reader dear?!

17 May 2011

Daddy's girl...

Since I found this pic at my parents house I have wanted to scrap it. I like the dynamic between us and feel it captures a time when she idolised her older sister and I thought she was a daddy's girl. I found the perfect words on a vellum sheet. I cut out the houses from some new cardstock I got on sale at TKMaxx - gotta love that place! It's strange as I have been using orange in my layouts a lot recently. I journalled round the edge and didn't opt for a big title - another recent preference. It is quite simple, but I wanted the photo to be the main emphasise. Hope you like it Gemmy! x

14 May 2011

Spectator sport...

Blogger being down has actually boosted my creativity as I have been able to actually scrap, instead of just parousing all your pages! A shipment of new pics was on the way and I always love to scrap new pics, I was forced to make do and take a good look at the pics I already had. This was taken last month of my man on a walk in the park, he was very distracted by the oldies playing boules and so I decided to do a layout of him about his obsession with watching sports. Funnily enough I got inspired by the heather in the background and went for "girly" colours. I mixed gesso with turquoise mists to make a negative title, I like how its opaque and so you can still see the cool sporty paper. The journalling spot is another *magpie moment* a coaster painted with gesso and grey paint. It took a few layers to cover up the original design and then I inked it in pink. I used Shimelle's challenge of scrapping a photo that requires explanation.

10 May 2011

Doing the wrong things...for all the right reasons!

Welcome scrappers and bakers! Today I have something for everyone. Ha! Above is a layout using our one year anniversary pic (or rather pic from that weekend as we went away) This layout consists of two magpie moments - a coaster from a cafe in Bruges and a little booklet thing from the clothes shop Hollister that I used for an extra pic (of our wedding day a year ago from then) and the journalling. I used a triangle for the embellishments (thanks for the prompt Shimelle!) The second layout I completed in conjunction with National Scrapbooking day uses patterned paper for the backing paper. I blinged it up with plenty of buttons, brads and sequins. It didn't take long, but I think its quite effective. Lastly at the weekend I went to a baby shower. I made lemon cupcakes using the recipe from Hummingbird. They had lemon frosting which I tried to dye blue, but it looked more like grey. I prettied them up with homemade toppers and blue sprinkles. Any suggestions on good blue food colouring? An arial shot... That's all for now folks!

7 May 2011

Document 2011 and happy scrapbook day!

So I think making today National Scrapbooking Day gives me permission to put aside all the job stress with exams approaching and parents moaning and sleepless night and ignore all the piles of marking and just....SCRAP! I shall be playing along with some of Shimelle's yummy challenges. In fact I have a few (well lots) of stuff to share with you. Firstly her 4 by 6 challenge above is the layout and below shows the secret flap for journalling and an extra pic... The title 'Give a Little Brick' is inspired by the Goo Goo Dolls song - do you see what I did there?! I often used to do hidden journalling and pics so was glad of this chance to try it again. I like it a lot! Next my March Document 2011 layout. This has been the thorn in my side for weeks. I am still not pleased with the clash of colours and just the overall appearence of it. But it was all stuck down bit by bit and it was too late to change it. So here you go...March! The first of my April pages, with all the bank hols, a wedding, two family reunions, mothers day etc it's been an epic month. My camera has seen many a great pic and so I am going to do *at least* two pages. The first is showcasing the first part of the month...dessert bars, cupcakes, mother's day and Come Dine with Me Part Two. I like this one a lot more and moved away from the six box layout to fit more of the pics in. Lastly a cute little layout using two colours I rarely scrap with - orange and brown. It is in fact a scraplift from this lovely lady and I am rather pleased with it. It doesn't really have a title, just a couple of journalling cards. So...looking forward to seeing what all you lovely ladies create! M xxx

3 May 2011

Springing to life...

What is your favourite thing about spring? I have a whole list: * Prospect of summer in the air * Fields of daffodils * Walking in the woods (as pictured above) * Light evenings * Mother's day * Easter reunion with the family * Lots of treats * Days out with my man Completed for this My favourite things challenge blog.

1 May 2011

Retro scrapping alert...

So as mentioned in my earlier post, whilst at my parents we decided to empty out some old boxes in the attic and I found all these exciting old diaries and scrapbooks. After having a good giggle at my melodramatic diary entries and old valentines and love letters (and it isn't it tragic that in this digital age love letters are becoming obselete!?) I realised exactly why I scrap. I scrap: * to remember all the little moments * to laugh at awful haircuts and tragic 90's fashion * to remember the stories behind the pics * to look back fondly on key moments in my life * to capture trends * to record my feelings and interests Below are some examples of my pages. They are stuck into books... I like the stamped border and my doodle style title. These are the books:- I forgot that I asked all my school friends to write about me and I in turn wrote about them. I really enjoyed looking back on this as there were stories and things I had forgotten... My 16th birthday party. I am glad I kept the invite and one of the cards (from a crush!) I like how creative (and resourceful) I was using wrapping paper as the backing paper. I made a profile of myself as different ages in my teens. It was interesting to look back at my taste - not always great reading! Ha! All my birthday parties - pics and even memorabilia like napkins and invites etc. This is a great record to have of all my old friends. So there you go...sometimes I wonder why I scrap. If it is a waste of time. (Even though I LOVE doing it and find completing a layout very satisfying.) But I am sure my future kids will love looking at their geeky mum and what she got up to in her teen years. A lot of the scrapping in very crude and my supplies were limited so I toyed with the idea of rescrapping them, but my little sister wouldn't let me even consider it. I guess it is a study into the evolution of my scrapping style if nothing else.... Why do you all scrap?
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