21 May 2011

Slip 'n' slide...

Aloha! Exciting news my man and I have joint a gym...they sent me a ridiculously cheap offer after I inquired online about six months ago. So we went for a trial on Thursday night with our preggers friend who is due on....Sunday! Ha! However, like many things it was too good to be true as they only wanted to give me the offer as I had recieved the email (don't you hate it when that happens?) Thankfully the lady at the club gave us a competetive deal on him and so we have our induction on Monday night. You had to tick which out of the following you were hoping for: * to trim * to get fit * to tone up * to train So I asked if I could tick all of the above! I am excited to get fit for summer...beach diet begins today!
Onto scrappier things. I initially made this layout for Shimelle's weekly challenge, but as usual it was only half way through when it was the deadline! So instead a challenge to make chunky pages over at The Studio caught my eye and so I went for it with the chipboard and the prit-pads. I went for orange again as I felt it was a great contrast to the blues and the white in the photo. It is of our easter activity on the slip 'n' slide. A really fun day in the sun, I was going to go for a big, bold and chunky title but in the end wanted the emphasis to be on the pics. Ahhh so now Saturday rolls out in front of me with no plans. Am a bit bunged up. Tired from a little cheeky night out last night with my colleagues. What are you up to, reader dear?!


  1. We have been bouldering today and eating costco pizza and hot dogs! Good work on joining the gym, bouldering is going to be our new workout, it's hardcore! I liked the distressed edges on the big pics and the splash of the nail polish!

  2. Lovely layout, thanks for playing along with us at The Studio!


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