14 May 2011

Spectator sport...

Blogger being down has actually boosted my creativity as I have been able to actually scrap, instead of just parousing all your pages! A shipment of new pics was on the way and I always love to scrap new pics, I was forced to make do and take a good look at the pics I already had. This was taken last month of my man on a walk in the park, he was very distracted by the oldies playing boules and so I decided to do a layout of him about his obsession with watching sports. Funnily enough I got inspired by the heather in the background and went for "girly" colours. I mixed gesso with turquoise mists to make a negative title, I like how its opaque and so you can still see the cool sporty paper. The journalling spot is another *magpie moment* a coaster painted with gesso and grey paint. It took a few layers to cover up the original design and then I inked it in pink. I used Shimelle's challenge of scrapping a photo that requires explanation.

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  1. What a great subject to scrap, my hubbie is always distracted by cars - we cant go anywhere without him noticing this and that car - bless him. [I bet they'd say we're the same with clothes, shoes, handbags and of course scrappy supplies]
    I love how you've picked out the colour of the heather and the journalling spot is super cool.
    Enjoy your weekend - Ju xx


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