1 May 2011

Retro scrapping alert...

So as mentioned in my earlier post, whilst at my parents we decided to empty out some old boxes in the attic and I found all these exciting old diaries and scrapbooks. After having a good giggle at my melodramatic diary entries and old valentines and love letters (and it isn't it tragic that in this digital age love letters are becoming obselete!?) I realised exactly why I scrap. I scrap: * to remember all the little moments * to laugh at awful haircuts and tragic 90's fashion * to remember the stories behind the pics * to look back fondly on key moments in my life * to capture trends * to record my feelings and interests Below are some examples of my pages. They are stuck into books... I like the stamped border and my doodle style title. These are the books:- I forgot that I asked all my school friends to write about me and I in turn wrote about them. I really enjoyed looking back on this as there were stories and things I had forgotten... My 16th birthday party. I am glad I kept the invite and one of the cards (from a crush!) I like how creative (and resourceful) I was using wrapping paper as the backing paper. I made a profile of myself as different ages in my teens. It was interesting to look back at my taste - not always great reading! Ha! All my birthday parties - pics and even memorabilia like napkins and invites etc. This is a great record to have of all my old friends. So there you go...sometimes I wonder why I scrap. If it is a waste of time. (Even though I LOVE doing it and find completing a layout very satisfying.) But I am sure my future kids will love looking at their geeky mum and what she got up to in her teen years. A lot of the scrapping in very crude and my supplies were limited so I toyed with the idea of rescrapping them, but my little sister wouldn't let me even consider it. I guess it is a study into the evolution of my scrapping style if nothing else.... Why do you all scrap?


  1. AGHHHH This makes me WISH I had thought to scrap when younger! Maybe ill just have to make up for it now! I often wonder what to do with them all "in the present", they end up taking up so much space dont they! BUT I think the idea of your kids having an insight into your past MORE than makes up for that. :-) xxxx

  2. This is fantastic! I've got similar books back at my parents' house - aren't they fantastic to look back upon?
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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