30 Sep 2011

Malibu! Or was that Santa Monica...?

Today in our car it was 30 degrees. It was hot enough for shorts, a drink in the pub beer garden and a walk along the river. So it is the perfect day to showcase this layout from our California road trip. We loved Malibu and hired bikes for the day to explore it even more.

Okay, okay this was how the post was going to go a few days ago....then I had a skype convo with two of my sisters. Turns out this trip we never went to Malibu. I mean Santa Monica - ooopps! We all found this very amusing - my sisters like to laugh at me.

I tried to turn it back on Mara who asked as we left Santa Monica for Santa Barbara - "are we driving through Miami today?" It would have been a very long detour methinks.

So I will amend the title on this page. But for now I thought that I would share it for the amusement factor!

Tonight we are off to a murder mystery party.. My costume is very random...I will share pics this weekend.

Lastly, congrats to Jeannie she won my imromptu giveaway with this comment:

Oh, that's got to be (Santa)Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys! - love the Beach Boys, classic summer music! Great layout BTW! 

So Jeannie send me an email on melide18@gmail.com to claim your prize. 

Happy Friday blogland!

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  1. lol, that's something i'd do! Still a great layout Mel xx


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