2 Oct 2011

San Diego Zoo - going wild for photo love!

How do you fit nine whole photos on one layout?
With a little (or rather a lot) of help from Shimelle I have accomplished it.
 I will show you the steps towards it...

1) Pick a base cardstock and then staple, sew or double sided tape half a transparency

Then back up your photos so that you have two on each side and top them with some embellishment

These animal pics would have been too bland for a layout on their own
 The finished page with the little pull outs peeking out...

The staged final layout. Don't you love the little monkeys?

I will definitely be using this idea for future layouts as I always take too many pics and needed a technique to include them, but still have the best shot as the main focal point.

P.S San Diego Zoo is a fab day out and I would totally recommend it if you find yourself with a free day in S.D!


  1. well done Mel, a fantastic page with a great deal of photos!

  2. Love this layout!


  3. Love ths page!


  4. This is cool, a really good way to include so many pictures, I like the transparency effect and the animal print paper. I might be trying this - need all the help I can get with all my pictures! x p.s are you sure it was san diego zoo ;)

  5. Awesome page Mel!!
    to answer your question... It's the anniversary of when Dave and I started going out. We just called it our boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary because Lucy got upset at the thought of us 'going out' because she thought it meant we were going out lol. Not long till our wedding anniversary, hoping its more than soup and other food lol

  6. Love your page! My husband had us stationed in San Diego with the Marine Corps from 2003-2007. I kick myself for not taking more pictures. I wasn't a scrapper back then. Yay for zebra prints and I love your three color transparency!


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