15 Oct 2011

This week looked like...

Searching and pinning lots of exciting halloween treats for the party I am organising in the half term holiday. It will involve a spook alley, trunk n treat and apple bobbing. Cannot wait! It seems the shops have got really into it this year.
Finally getting round to cooking some of the meals I have been pinning of pinterest. Our fav so far was this yummy macaroni and butternut squash bake. Also the no bake and no butter macaroni cheese worked really well when we made it.

Due to a mix up with dates I ended up being observed TWICE this week two days in row. You only have to be observed three times a year at my school and you get given a rating between 1 - 4, it then goes in your PDR folder and is considered for pay rises and stuff. I had put so much into planning the first lesson that I didn't want to cancel it and Thursdays observation was non-negotiable as a lady was in teaching another colleague how to observe - phew! But the outcome was a good one and I got a 1 - OUTSTANDING for both lessons overall. I was very pleased with myself. Now I am lying in bed drinking lucozade and reading Heat magazine and I only usually save those two activities for when I am ill so I think it has knocked the wind out of me.
Here is a very cheesy pic of me in action (teaching not convalescing) which went into our school mag (much to my delight!) It is on my to-scrap list as I don't have many layouts about teaching and it's a big part of who I am...
Then (ever the glutton for punishment) I took 18 students to see Dr.Faustus last night in York. It was a hilarious, odd and quirky performance but I think it would really help them to understand the story and the comic elements. It was interesting as last year we took the other group to see one in Manchester and it was very intense and serious - I preferred this one and the kids were in stitches throughout!
What has YOUR week looked like?


  1. well done on your score!! great teaching photo to scrap too. Enjoy your halloween party.

  2. Hahaha loving the cheesy pic! Well done on your two outstandings - very impressive! Sorry we never got around to skyping, we only got in really late on Thu night and Mrs Ide would have been asleep! what about a group skype tomorrow night? that macaroni with butternut squash sounds amazing, we're going to have to try it!! xxx


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