27 Oct 2011

Day 2 Notting Hill and Westbourne Grove - thrifting!

My man had tickets for the NFL game in Wembley and so this was the girls day part of the trip and so obvs the best day!
The sun was shining down on us and we wandered around Notting Hill looking at the cute little boutique shops. I got a very cute purple owl print dress for a fiver at a bargain shop. Loving that! Will post it later as I plan to wear it to the next Iron Cupcake in a week.
So here is the pictorial overview of the day...
We stumbled upon this waffle eating contest at Wafflemeister. The guy in the hat (he called himself J.R) was Irish, very drunk (at 11 a.m) and great entertainment. He promised to eat every waffle on the table, but when the contest began he just daintily munched it, rather than going for it. They had to see how many they could eat in 3 mins. Guess what the record was? 2! How measly!!

Notting Hill Market - how cute are these?
Hummingbirds cupcake of the day - Strawberry donut. They were very tasty and even had a cute little donut on the top!

 If you like thrift / charity shops and live near London, then I recommend Westbourne Grove. They had really high end charity shops with lots of designer gear at bargain prices. My sister brought this gorgeous dress above and the lady in the shop said it had only come in two hours earlier, but she knew someone would snap it up! I may do a post on my charity shop bargains later. Would that interest you?

 We ended this perfect day at GBK. They do all sorts of offers and deals and we got two meals for a tenner, even though we didn't have the voucher with us! Mara ordered the kiwi burger and so she got a free drink as NZ had won the rugby at the weekend. She chose a lime milkshake - very much recommended. I had oreo which is always a great treat!
Phew what a day! When I am out with my family we always pack it in!
Day three coming later and some baking, including bannoffee whoopee pies!

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  1. Enjoying your trip! Sure would be interested in your charity shop finds. a few years back i found a pair of unworn evening kurt geiger shoes for £4. A real bargain and I still wear them now!


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