8 Oct 2011

My birthday week...

So I have been super busy celebrating my birthday over three seperate nights. The boy really spoilt me and even organised a (not so surprise) surprise party.
So the week looked like this -
  • A one year old's birthday party
  • A girly night at the Cheerful Chilli in Otley (my fav place to eat)
  • A romantic birthday meal at the Prashad (my new fav place to eat) it was even featured on Gordon Ramsey's best restaurants
  • A surprise milkshake party (check out the cool cups below) we tried some pretty cool combos. My fav is nutella and peanut butter - like a Reese's peanut butter cup.

This is my fav picture from the week:
I got a new fish eye lens for my slr but we are having some problems using it, I need to have another play I think.
Some layouts will be coming later, they are photographed just need to blog it.


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  2. p.s no.1 restaurant in Bradford - cha ching! Looks like Arne did good xxx


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