10 Sep 2011

Summer scrappin' had me a blast....

A lot of the sixth formers I teach tease me about my scrapbooking and some even follow my blog (hi guys!!) so I have started calling it art journalling as I think scrapbooking sounds geeky and amateur. I basically scrapbook so I can moon over all of my travels and relive the trip over again when I make the layout.
I have a California layout to share with you.
So the first thing....inspired by this weeks Sketchy Thursdays sketch... pictures of my sister, Mara, and I in Santa Cruz. We LOVED it here and found a delish bakery (layout to come later) and chilled on the beach and spent the evening on the Pier where they have a huge amusement park. I love this backing paper and the colours all came together really well. I love the sunset picture too - I think Mara is responsible for this!

In other news our good friends the Bensons have moved to our town after a year in Germany - whoop! She was my housemate for a year, the year I first met Arne and we got married two weeks apart from one another - to make sure that she didn't miss my wedding! We took them to the Yorkshire Dales Ice-cream farm today and had a delish lunch, the best part of which was the thick milkshakes - mine was chocolate fudge brownie - hello!

 This is their cute daughter enjoying the milkshake too!
 Here she is on the swing loving it too!
 And we met another friend of ours from church who enjoyed pushing the baby on the swing. She is such a cutie!
So we are excited to have them around and to do lots of fun things with them!


  1. This 'art journal' page is my fave of Cali thus far!! loving the purple and the awesome pictures especially the sunset! and I like the title! chocolate brownie shake sounded amazing! xxx

  2. I'm liking the page and the styling! your milkshakes sounded lush - chocolate fudge brownie, yum! I'm hoping to start my california scrapping tomorrow - my place seems so empty now Gem has left! xx

  3. love the title of your post!! great page too!

  4. Loveeeeeeeee your lo and loving those photos! So fun! Thanks soooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Yes, art journalling, hmmm, maybe my son-in-laws will stop mocking my passion if I begin to call it that ... Love your layout - the purple really makes it pop!


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