1 Sep 2011

Sugar dusted passion cake...

Been doing a spot of baking.

At the weekend my sister Mara was set the task of going through all her old cooking mags and cutting out recipes she wanted to keep then getting rid of them. She still had them from Christmas 2005 and suchlike!

In Good Food Magazine I found this little gem and decided I wanted to have a go. However in this digital age I have just found it online.

I like the doilie style decoration and even cut my own heart mask out for the middle. It does start to melt though as you can see in the bottom left hand corner. So work quickly. And take a pic even quicker!

It's one of those cakes that is tastier when it has cooled down and even better the day after.

With all the fruit and veg in it, it is possibly saintly. So go try it and enjoy!


  1. The design on top looks so pretty and the cake looks yummy!


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