15 Sep 2011

21 days of Summer...

Completed for Show us your Stuff
Some of which were spent in Balboa park in San Diego. We loved this place. (See above)
The first layout resulted in lots of red prints around the house. Looked like there had been a murder. I didn't realise how difficult it was to shift acrylic paint. Must get thinners for next time. I do like the texture of stamping with paint. The stamps are a little care worn now!
Some were spent in the less salubrious Salinas and I even scrapped with out of focus pics, but it was a story I really wanted to tell. I also had a good title in mind. The portions really were xxxxl. Just check out my expression. (See above)


  1. I love the idea of the XL-factor page! its great, love the bunting, the pics don't look that bad, make it look more homely :) I really like the other page as well with all the stars and the paint border. There are so many pics i want to scrap I've got 300 but keep thinking of other ones I want to get prints of!

  2. the red painted boarder frames the layout beautifully Mel. Great title for those huge portions xx

  3. Hi Mel, thanks sooo much for playing over at SUYS I adore your layout!!! fab

  4. It's very exciting to have someone in England doing our challenges! A great layout - check out the size of those meals!!!!


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