15 Mar 2016

Wild Ones // Yorkshire Sculpture Park Kaws

Ever since we saw about this exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park we knew we wanted to go and check it out. The Toddler is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and these giant sculptures definitely have a Disneyesque feel to them. 

It was pretty boggy, due to all the recent rain, these two were equipped for the conditions in their wellies but I wore my converse and they are still caked in mud now. I think the toddlers favourite part was splashing in the puddles - as per usual.

There are loads of interesting exhibits and sculptures to see that are there all year round. It's a really big site and a long route if you walk along the whole thing - we took a shorter route but The Toddler was still shattered by the end.

Everyone was taking pictures of these sculptures and they were definitely the main attraction. I thought that the name of the artist sounded Scandinavian but he's actually American.

The above was one of my favourites as it looks like a toddler peeking out behind his mummy. 

The Baby was having a little jaunt in the carrier. I was worried about her little feet being cold - but they get so warm against your body that I didn't want to put her in a snow suit.

I loved The Toddler's curiosity and how he could just roam around freely checking all the exhibits out.

Near the end of our visit we had a walk up a very steep and muddy hill to get back to the car. We had to play a very time consuming game of throwing a penny ahead for the toddler to fetch to get him up the hill. He wanted a 'carry' but he was too muddy and heavy for that - plus I was already carrying The Baby and he's been a bit of mummy's boy lately - it's always 'mummy turn' for everything. In the end we bribed him with an ice-cream - only a two year old could want a mini milk in sub zero temperatures.

I would recommend anyone living close to go and check it out as it is only on until June 12th. Even from further afield it is worth a road trip. One guy were chatting to was from Surrey but his mother lives in Wakefield and so he specifically planned a visit to her so he could see this exhibit - after watching it on the news. More information on the exhibit here and do watch the video of the construction as its fascinating. 



  1. Ooh these look amazing! The Toddler sounds exactly like my toddler, always wants carrying unless we bribe her with a treat haha xx

  2. Looks like an interesting place to visit, so jealous!

  3. We've been meaning to visit here for years and just haven't got around to it. This exhibition looks great though, may have to rectify that very soon.

  4. Lovely photos :) We love YSP! These sculptures are awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  5. It looks amazing. Those sculptures are so huge! I totally feel your pain in trying to get a toddler to walk when they don't want to as well :) #MyWildOnes


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