15 Mar 2016

Siblings Project // March

This expression on her face is hilarious in this picture. He's become very affectionate with her and likes to cuddle her and tries to carry her around the room. She finds it more than a little disturbing! I too get worried as he teeters and staggers around with his pudgy little hands gripping her waist or neck in a bit of a death grip - daddy finds it very amusing.

He is very sweet in that he always wants her around - which if I'm honest is the opposite of what I expected as he used to get jealous of me holding other babies and even our friend's dog got pushed off me lap. However he seems to know that she belongs and we are not a complete family unless she's around and involved too. 

For example if she's napping upstairs or in her Moses basket he asks, "where'd Mia go?" Also in the morning he always comes into our room and is very concerned when he can't see her straight away. Also when I picked him up from playgroup one of the ladies was holding her whilst I changed him into his wellies and he was staring at her intently and saying, "My Mia! My Mia!" Like he thought that he was never getting her back again.

This month she has started smiling a lot and giggling a bit too. She loves tracking her big brother as he bounds around the room and smiles away at him. I can already see a sweet bond between them and I look forward to even more precious moments together as they get older.

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  1. Oh what a brilliant expression - that's priceless! Oh what it is to be loved!!


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