18 Aug 2015

Week in the life: Monday

Our day usually starts slowly with some cartoons for little man whilst I catch up with world news on my phone. (Ahem - social media!) Since the Belgian and I both teach during the holidays we take it in turns to have a lie in and today was his turn.

Made Jamie Oliver's easy pancakes for breakfast. Mine were served with banana, cinnamon and syrup and the toddler had two plain - he's a man of simple tastes.

Had decided last night to try some more structured play and so scoured some of my pinterest boards for some ideas. We made a car park with paper and washi tape and a tunnel with the same materials.

We went to a new-to-us park and the toddler enjoyed the swing again - after a long spell of disliking it. I am glad daddy was there with us as the toddler is like a whirlwind at the park!

Exploring through play...

As usual the toddler wanted to bypass the kiddy stuff and go straight to the assault course where he has to be helped on most of the obsticles - but his balance is really impressive.

Case in point...the zipwire!

We stopped for lunch in a cute gastro pub called The Potting Shed. The boys were impressed they could watch football whilst waiting for the food.

After such a busy morning the toddler and pregnant mummy needed a nap. I love naps at the moment.

When we woke up we did some crafting. He used to be opposed to arts and crafts, but we got him a stamp set at Hema in Belgium with cars, trains and all his fav things and now he loves it.

He got hold of a pen and decorated his face. 

Daddy is trying to do a job a day on the house, in the holidays, and so I had to entertain the toddler in the garden with the slide and hide and seek. He thinks though that when he goes in his car he's invisible - very cute!

When all else failed we pulled out the emergency...ice-cream!

And the finished result (after a skype session with his grandad in Belgium for some advice!) we finally have handles!

And the compulsory bath shot. He's been less keen for bath time lately and we've had to be creative with ways to lure him into the bath. I think he's clocked onto the fact that bedtime comes after bathtime and so he wants to prolong it as much as possible.

So thanks to Ali Edwards for her great week in the life project and for forcing me to get the big camera out and to blog. 

Compare it to my Monday in September 2013 when the Baby was only a few months old. How times change and another reason why I love this project!


  1. there was a little bit in there for everyone! sure sounds like you needed that nap :)

  2. I love naps too - only I don't have pregnancy as an excuse! Your little man is absolutely adorable!


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