21 Aug 2015

Week in the life 2015: Friday

I want to remember lazy mornings. Sometimes you wake up in a really good mood and babble away in your cot and play with your toys. Sometimes your grumpy and wake up crying and then we have to ease into the day slowly with some cartoons.

I want to remember how you like your toast plain and I like mine with jam. This jam is homemade by your Belgian great-grandma. 

I want to remember how tactile you are. How you often hold my hand, cuddle me and put your hands on me.

I want to remember how sometimes in the holidays daddy takes you out on your own and I get some me time. This me time involved red pepper soup, a cheese toastie, catching up on blogging and social media and then some craft time. 

I want to remember how much I enjoy the process of Project Life and how it's a much better fit for my life than regular scrapbooking. I currently love stamping little phrases and alpha stamps and coming up with contrasting colour schemes. Oh and washi tape. 

I want to remember how lazy I've been with meals this week. I just don't feel like cooking or washing up. We went for tea to a cheap two-for-one pub. However it was not very relaxing and the toddler was very unsettled and spotted the playground out the window and did not want to be sat in his high chair when he could be playing. I think we will save things like this for date night as it wasn't a relaxing experience. I was eyeing up their rocky road sundae for dessert but in the end we just left as we'd had enough!

I want to remember how Friday nights are a low key affair where we stretch out on the sofa with treats and watch a film together. Sometimes I make microwave mug chocolate cake for us and serve it with ice-cream. Usually we watch a thriller that is the Belgians choice, but tonight I got to chose and we went for 'If I stay' and both enjoyed it. 

I want to remember how I have enjoyed documenting our week and will leave it at Friday as everyone was getting fed up of all the pictures and I'm happy with our slice of life I captured.

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  1. I have really enjoyed the format of your post, with the rhythm of 'I want to remember'. You did well to capture five days! I like how honest it is - the good and the less happy, all in together.


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