24 Aug 2015

Week in the life 2015: Thursday

Today I am going to journal about the story behind the picture.
The story behind this picture is that I was running late. I don't love driving but luckily the toddler is quite keen - helped along by an in car snack of wotsits (hence his orance face.) He is in his bright orange tee as we're in a public place today and its easier to find him.

The story behind this picture is that Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate was doing a Mad Hatters Tea Party theme for summer. We saw this spread and thought - 'photo op.' I had the big camera and wanted some good snaps for my Week in the Life.

The story behind this picture is that he is still too young to realise it was plastic food. He really wanted that strawberry.

The story behind this picture is that I am glad for the friends I have made at church. There is always someone around for my toddler to hang out with. He particularly liked the older girls and I am glad they know how to pose for a picture even if he gets a bit distracted.

The older ones were all taking part in a challenge trail and he wanted to join in too and would hit all the boards and babble as if he was passing information on.

Pond dipping is a dangerous business with a toddler who can take it too far! We saw some pond snails though.

The story behind this picture is that he is obsessed with car, trucks, trains and so when he saw this empty car he couldn't resist and so I helped him up and got a perfect snap. 
The story behind this picture is that thirty seconds earlier it was a perfect snap of the toddler. Story of my life these days.

The little explorer ruining the photo op again.

He is obsessed with hide and seek at the moment. He kept running off and I would chase him as best I could and then have a mini heart attack when I couldn't find him - only to see his cheeky little face peeking out from the bushes so excited to have been able to trick mummy.

Another great photo op but it reminds me of the strain of having to lift all of them up onto the chair one by one as it was too high and their mummies were no-where in sight.

The moment that makes it all worthwhile - the ice-cream at the end of the day. It ended up being a late night as he napped in the car around 5 and so bedtime was postponed, whilst he watched some cartoons...


  1. He sure is keeping you on your toes x

  2. I love the pic of him laying looking into the water - precious! Looks like a lot of fun...you lot and your harlow carr addiction ;) x


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