20 Aug 2015

Week in the Life 2015: Wednesday

Today felt like a real hump day where everyone was a bit tired and grouchy and I almost didn't take any pictures as I wasn't in the mood. But I'm glad I persevered and actually managed the most pics with the big camera and found some time to edit them and add some words. I think I will use verbs to explain today.
The above picture is the toddler 'sharing' his crayons. I gave them to him hoping for some quiet time, but instead he kept handing me a different colour and wanting me to draw something with it.

'Hugging' on our family walk in Golden Acre park.

'Climbing' on the bench and 'grinning' at his achievement.

'Marvelling' at the gorgeous flowers.

'Ignoring' instructions - as usual.

'Rescuing' from drowning.

'Resting' and aching a bit after the long walk.

'Perching' on daddy's shoulders in his nappy as his trousers and shoes and socks were soaked from his earlier jumping.

'Scoffing' his late lunch after avoiding a nap and trashing his room.

The evening consisted of eating pasta, watching Netflix and meeting with our new childminder (yes really a NEW one!)

How was your hump day?

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