19 Aug 2015

Week in the life 2015: Tuesday

Morning Tuesday!
It was my lie in and as usual I was awoken by the toddler crawling all over me in bed.
I came downstairs to toy carnage - but I guess you can't have it all!

The morning saw us sorting out things like online banking, emails , schedules and planning whilst the toddler watched some cartoons. (Excuse the poor quality pics I had to charge my camera battery!)

A big story for today was that the Belgian is heading to Manchester tonight to watch his beloved Club Brugges play Manchester United. To say he is excited is the understatement. So we did a little photo shoot with the toddler dressed up in his Club gear - its a bit snug but it created the desired effect.Also got a bump shot since we had the big camera out.

It was raining and we want to work on decorating the toddler's room a bit this week and so we headed to Ikea. It was very busy as you can imagine and the toddler was allergic to the trolley seat, as usual, and wanted a shoulder carry.

We had lunch as who can resist those meatballs?

I opted for the mash instead of chips as its lovely and creamy and I knew I could probably pinch a few of the toddler's chips.

They have a new promotion where you scan your receipt and you get an extra treat from the kiosk. The man in front of us was all full of meatballs and won a free hot dog. He wanted to leave it but his wife insisted he got it as it was 'free' (very Yorkshire!) so he sarcastically said, "fine I'll just shove it down then!" We got a chocolate donut and I was very pleased with this as we hadn't had dessert.

Rain. Sigh. So glad we had our fortnight's holiday in France and Belgium and has some sunshine.

The toddler is very sneaky and a little houdini who often manages to escape out of his car seat straps. He still has the lap belt on but its not ideal!

Post-nap bed head and snack time.

The Belgian headed off to the game and a long afternoon inside stretched before us.
We filled it with some crafting. The toddler enjoyed making handprints with my rainbow ink pad.
Then we made moshi monster cakes using a box mix I got from poundland.
He enjoyed eating the raw mixture and putting the cases in the tray.
Once they were baked he liked eating the frosting and all the little monsters from the top.
I told him to make one just for daddy and he picked the most girliest and pink moshi monster for the top! Haha!

In case you were thinking this toddler is very well behaved and where are all the tantrums. Here is one... It was all because I suggested he picked up all the stamps he had dropped on purpose. I know - how dare I!

Chilled out in the bath. Then mummy enjoyed an evening of photo editing, blogging and watching Leap Year on Netflix.

The Belgian was back around 1 a.m his team having been defeated 3-1. He'd still enjoyed himself and was glad they'd scored at all.

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