16 Jul 2013

Waiting for the world to change...

I thought that this layout would be apt for my current situation.
Almost 41 weeks pregnant and sweating it out in this crazy heat wave.
Hello England! Where has this heat wave come from? It normally rains at this time of year.
I have an appointment on Monday, but hope things happen naturally before then.

This picture was taken on our three year anniversary break to the Lake District last summer.
I was sat waiting for the miniature railway train to arrive.
The journalling is about how in 2012 we learned the art of patience as we struggled to get and stay pregnant. The story about this is here.

I made the chevron mask using cardboard packaging from other supplies and thensprayed with bronze mist. It only lasted one spray as the cardboard went soggy and the lines weren't as crisp.


It was embellished with cute heart washi tape and an Amy Tan Stamp. Plus I created a tag for the journalling and added some cute flair to give the layout some more dimension.

And the wait continues...


  1. awhh love this layout! ! sorry to hear you're still waiting, hope things happen naturally for you! xx

  2. cooll layout! great photo and love the chevrons on the side! I bet you must be impatient! be brave!:)

  3. Chevrons always remind me of tyre tracks so I hope you can also feel you are getting there despite the patient wait! Must be hard in this warmth ....

  4. I came round to check out on your news. I feel for you having to go the last mile in this weather. So no news for a week now means ? I hope so!

  5. thanks4your comment, I think my gal did arrive first! she was born on 21st xx


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