7 Jul 2013

Pick your precious: we all scream for ice-cream!

On a scorching day like today...
Being heavily pregnant...
It seems only too right to follow Sian's advice...
Keep it short, but sweet...
With an ode to ice-cream!
My family love ice-cream.
I have many happy memories of being snuggled up on the sofa watching Bond films with dad. A newspaper spread across his lap with a rapidly melting tub of Neapolitan ice-cream resting on it and the two of us, a spoon in hand, devouring it.

A layout I recently created about a trip to a locals ice-cream  parlour called 'Scoops'

Now my tastes in ice-cream may have evolved - almond magnum, fudge brownie flavour and most vanilla based Ben & Jerry flavours - my passion for the cold stuff has remained.

I read on twitter that we value experiences more than things and so that is why I decided to pick ice-cream as my precious.
So tell me what's your flavour?


  1. Good choice! I have a large tub of Mackie's Honeycomb in the freezer, my current favourite. I can sympathise with you. My son was due to be born on the 4th of July, but hung on for another 8 days, in heat like this, 16 years ago.

  2. Guinness flavour! When someone visits here, we take them to the only shop in town which serves it and we blow their minds!

    A great pick..my dad used to sit and the table and wind my Mum up by singing "we scream for icecream", so this gave me a nice smile. I hope you are keeping cool today.

  3. Mmmm...anything with caramel gets me every time. This is a really sweet precious to share, and I wonder if your new little one will share your love of ice cream when he/she is older. :o)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream - I had a mini mint magnum on my patio this afternoon and it was lovely :)

  5. Nice LO! I haven't hada white chocolate ice-cream bar for wayyyyyyy tooooo long. i need to end that injustice soon! Thanks for reminding me. xoxo from France

  6. Coconut or pistachio are my favourites, usually when on holiday. We have two lovely ice cream shops in the village that are fabulous if you can bear to queue on a day like today :)

  7. An ice-cream fan here too.......Dulce de Leche is my very favourite!
    Alison xx

  8. Butterscotch or a simple Mr Whippy 99. We all love ice-cream here too. A great precious Mel and a lovely layout too x

  9. Yum! Totally agree, I could do with a large bowl myself... oh wait its only 9.30am :/ lol. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)

  10. mmmmmmm! Love icecream. It seems that we usually eat it frequently on vacations so it holds many memories for me. My favourite flavor is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food!

  11. Mmmm I could eat some ice cream right now! Great layout x

  12. My favorite hard ice cream is mint chip - especially in the form of a hot fudge sundae. My favorite soft serve is creamsicle/vanilla swirl. Yum!


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