1 Jul 2013

Maternity Monday: Bump at 36 weeks and thoughts on 3rd trimester

 I've really enjoyed the third trimester. Sure I had a tiny bit of indegestion. Sure I've felt *huge* at times. Sure I've struggled to get out of bed.
  • We've been excitedly preparing the nursery and all the baby stuff
  • I had a great baby shower
  • I love feeling the bubba kicking 
  • My skin and hair is glowing 
  • The end is in sight
  • We'll get to meet our little baby soon
See how big my bump is now at 38 and a half weeks....


  1. Could be anytime now then :) You look absolutely blooming!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mel. My baby is just over 9 months now and feels like things are just getting back to normal body wise. Though he is a little rascal ;)

    Thanks for stopping by today. I'd LOVE a Selfridges Marmite jar but no store near me - I may have to see if they sell them online ;)

  3. Hoping all goes well and will be looking out for the announcement! You look, as everyone says, just wonderful!

  4. Good luck, I hope you don't have too tough a time. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Who knows, might even coincide with the royal baby.

  5. I love looking back on all your bump posts and reading about your pregnancy! I'm going to wear this dress at 36 weeks and take a pic in the same pose and then you can scrap the pg sisters!! Where's my Ellis loving today then hey? x


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