29 Jul 2013

Our little bundle of joy...

Proud to announce the arrival of Ellis Julien Arne
Born July 25th (our 4 year wedding anniversary!)
At 4:42 a.m by emergency c-section.
These past five days have been intense, really emotional and everyone who meets our baby is totally in love.
Everyone warned us about the huge surge of love you have for this little person and for each other but *wow* it is indescribable. I want to eat him up, drink in every moment and...oh yes, some sleep would be nice!
I am recovering well from the insane birth and he was worth every moment and every struggle.
At the risk of gushing too much I will leave you with the pictures.



  1. Thank you for the heads up. I am here to offer my congratulations and to be nosey. You have one gorgeous chap there. Ellis will never forget your anniversary, will he ? & Mel, you are looking good for someone who's had a major surgery!

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! Gorgeous baby and mama! So happy for you!!!!

  3. wow, what beautiful timing!Massive well done xx

  4. He's gorgeous! Many many congratulations all round..well done you! Now, look after yourself..

  5. Many congratulations and he is just beautiful! How can a little one be so alert at only four days old? Hope the trauma is receding and your body and psyche are recovering and someone is giving you lots of TLC :).


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