10 Jul 2013

Baby bump layouts on 'due' day...

I felt it was apt to share some baby bump layouts on my official due date.
The room with the best light in the house is now the nursery and has ugly blinds - which do not make a great backdrop for a photo shoot.
So excuse the dodgy pics.
I have tried to edit them as best they can.

In other news have just had a curry for my dinner.
No sign yet.
Next post could be a birth announcement.
Fingers crossed!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to meet my niece or nephew! Love the title baby on board, I want to scrap the pic of you & me sitting by the canal and was trying to think of a title - best I've come up with so far is bump to bump or back to bump?! I've done a lot of scrapping this week. My friend Heather had a baby boy last week and called him Leo - quite cute boy name idea for you? xx

  2. you know I wish I'd documented my pregnancies! These will be lovely for you and your little one to look back on x


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