25 Apr 2013

Loving instagram

I'm always last to the party. In fact often the party is over by the time i arrive. Metaphorically speaking.
So last weekend we got new his'n'hers android phones and i am excited to have a better camera, faster internet and apps like instagram.
Here are some things i have been snapping and instagramming about...
Sunday night treat by The Belgian
I had to treat myself after a blood test this week!
A sneak peak of a layout I made about Christmas 2012

Bargains picked up at the NCT sale yesterday - don't you just love the little shoes. I was super pleased to get the Next babygrows at £1 each as my friend said they are the best ones as they have pull down sleep mits attached.
So feel free to follow me on melmakes21 and let me know if you're on instagram and I will follow you back!


  1. I am not an Instagram user but your photos look great! You ate clearly going to have lots of fun with it!

  2. you may be late to the party but at least you turn up!! I'm waiting for a new phone with a better camera and then hope to join in x great photos x


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