10 Apr 2013

The satisfactory surprise!

So you may recall back in October I hit the big 30 and my husband whisked me off to London for the weekend to see Matilda and eat lots of yummy food.
Now when I was a teen my dad used to refer to me as High Maintenance Mel - I have no idea why. But I had a bit of a rep for having high expectations from boyfriends and just life in general. I think I'm pretty chilled, but there you go...
So a weekend in London would have been great if he hadn't tried to throw me off the scent by hinting at a weekend mini break on the continent somewhere. I think it was at the moment that I was putting all of my liquids into plastic bags that he realised perhaps his 'surprise' was going to backfire. Needless to say having grown up 20 mins from London and having a sister living there meant that London was no *quite* as exciting!
But it made for some good hidden journalling and here are two mini layouts from the trip.

 Click on them to see them in more detail.

Both of these layouts used lots of paper scraps that were leftover on my desk and so were quite thrifty - I was pretty happy with both of them though.
Have any of you experienced a surprise that backfired?


  1. What a great title that is - I'm going to be rolling that round my tongue for the rest of the day now

  2. I had to smile Mel - My husband has never "Surprised" me with a weekend away...ever! So any hint of a trip would be good! Beautiful pages x

  3. You have no idea why??? That just made me laugh out loud! (and I'm in a cafe!) You are High Maintenance Mel for very good reason! I love your face in the bottom picture...it sums up your feelings from that weekend perfectly! I can't believe you were even putting your liquids in little containers - that's hilar (and mean at the same time!) I guess the only surprise that didn't go to plan for me was when both Dad and By ruined your Venice surprise for me!! xxxx p.s I love the little circle discs on the bottom page!

  4. love the design in the second layout! what a fun story:) and guess what: I am high maintenance too! no shame!:)

  5. Love your layouts! And, I love that you've recorded all the honest journaling about this "surprise"!


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