22 Apr 2013

Maternity Mondays: Bump at 28 weeks

 Finally - after being subjected to hours of slide show reels at my family's house - he has realised the importance of taking pictures and recording things for our future posterity - hurrah! So he even agreed to taking some self timer pics of our new family of three.

As I have entered the third trimester I have found that:
  • I can no longer see my toes when I look down!
  • It is getting harder to bend down and pick up stray exercise books, glue sticks or discarded worksheets at work
  • It is taking a lot more effort to get out of bed or up off the sofa
  • I am shorter of breath when climbing stairs or doing too much (like walking up the Chevin to take these pics)
  • I somehow have loads of second hand baby clothes from friends, a buy, sell and swap forum on facebook for my local area and charity shops - here's hoping we have enough!
  • I am slowly, but surely, getting over my fear of needles - more blood tests due this week.
  • The baby is enjoying beating out a dawn chorus for me every morning! 
I have been packing up my hospital bags ready just in case- any advice fellow bloggers? What should I pack?


  1. Sounds like you are very organised Mel. I remember with no1 son packing my bag one evening, because I was getting nagged at, and my waters broke very early the next morning - 4 weeks early! It feels like a life time ago now I can't recall what I packed. No1 son is 14 tomorrow..yikes. Just enjoy it all - it really does fly by xx

  2. WOW!! I feel really guilty that I haven't even GOT a hospital bag yet and I'm at the same stage as you! Things that aren't the obvious things: water spray to keep you cool, snacks for both you and husband! xxxx

  3. Lots of baby wipes!

    I totally get the not being able to pick up exercise books: I can remember not being able to bend down and pull books off lower shelves. That's a problem for a librarian!

  4. Lovely photos of you all and great that he is now joining in :). To take with you? Don't forget the camera, and spare batteries!


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