2 May 2013

Stars in the Sunshine with Martha Stewart punch...

This layout sums up my mood on this sunny Thursday.

I am happy because:
  • I only have ten weeks to go till I have my baby (hopefully!)
  • The sun is shining 
  • We went to the ice-cream farm for a cone after work
  • We just purchased a cot for the nursery
  • I only have eight weeks left of work including a bank holiday and a weeks half term holiday
  • The end of coursework marking and moderation is almost here (phew!)
  • The Great Gatsby film is almost out in England and I am loving the sneaks online!
  • I have stocked up on some new stash recently having sold some of my older craft stuff 
How are you feeling today?


  1. Feeling all the more cheerful after reading your happy upbeat post and seeing that pretty page :).

  2. Awhh yay to happy layouts! I have 11 weeks until my due date, however how likely it is she will arrive on that date is pretty slim I reckon! It's the not knowing that I hate! xxx


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