13 Oct 2012

Ten things to do when you turn thirty...

1) Play around with your new lens in Shoreditch - I need more practice with it I think!
2) Take pictures of your The Belgian looking excited for the weekend ahead!
3) Stay in the Hilton at Canada Water and take the free boat across the Thames to Canary Wharfe

4) Have yummy pizzas at Fire and Ice in Spittlefields
5) Enjoy a yummy maple and pecan cupcake from Spittlefields market
6) Wander round London Bridge in the sunshine
7) Get some useful and funky pressies - liek the Wahaca recipe book

8) Have a bite to eat at the Bukowski grill and spot Gok Wan with his boyfriend and little doggy but didn't get a picture quick enough!

9) Have delicious ice-cream at Oddano's in Selfidges
10) And the highlight and reason for the weekend go and see a West End show - more specifically Matilda. I loved it all - the staging, the cute little kids, the character of the dad, the songs - especially When I Grow Up.
Admire the sunset on the day you get the train back up to Leeds....phew what a great birthday weekend!
How did you all celebrate your thirtieth birthdays? If you are the big 3-0 yet, that is!
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  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely celebration. I didn't know about Matilda. I read it with my students once, and think it would probably be pretty hilarious.

  2. Looks like an awesome birthday weekend! I miss London! Bukowski grill sounds cool, I've never heard of it before! and I'm impressed with how photogenic the foreigner was that w/end! I think your manual lens usage needs some work though, hehe!


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