15 Oct 2012

Messy Mondays: Scrapbook layout using up scraps

 I love how Shimelle (and other scrappers) use enlarged pictures for layouts. I think its great as it makes the photo the focus and can really showpiece a photo you are proud of.
I used the white space in this photo to put a journalling mat and my title.
I used several different washi tapes to affix the picture.
I used my Studio Calico abroad range to create some scraps to embellish the layout.
Some close-ups below:

 The funny thing about this layout is that the day after my sister and I were doing a 'photo shoot' on the rocks at the beach and I put down my glasses for a second - next minute they had fallen down a crack between the rocks and were gone into the oblivion on the beach. I loved those glasses too. I had spent more than I normally do on sunglasses too. My other pair were free in a magazine, but these were Quicksilver and they were purple and big and I loved them. :(
Perhaps the layout should have been ode to my sunglasses.

As the nights get darker and the temperature has dropped to 5 degrees - its nice to think back to sunnier days in Barcelona.
What do you do with your leftover scraps?


  1. Very often they sit in a box and I admire them lol. No, seriously, I'm more of a cradmaker than I used to be, so that takes care of my scraps.

    That enlarged photo is stunning!

  2. I get a sort of satisfaction using up my scraps on a layout. i'm liking that large photo too x

  3. GREAT LAYOUT! love how you worked with the large photo :)

  4. That photo is perfect! Shame about the sunnies. I tend to draw and cut out cute things with my scraps. Because the images tend to be small, I am less focused on the pattern so they tend to mix up even better.

  5. I am afraid my scraps languish in boxes - I really ought to try and use them for a page as pretty as this. What a shame about those sunglasses!


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