1 Oct 2012

Market value...

So you may recall my sister and I went on a trip to Barcelona over the summer - here are my top ten.I quickly ordered the pictures and have been enjoying scrapping with them.
We visited the market practically every day- the ice cold fruit smoothies were very welcome in that intense heat - it is when I am in markets that I wish that my photography skills were better. In my head I imagine pics of colourful stalls with arty blurring etc, but in reality my pics never live up to the idea in my mind. I have recently ordered a new close-up lens and am hoping my dreams of blur and macro shots will be realised with this new lens.
So back to the layout...I feel that this is sketch / composition that I have used before and think it is inspired by Shimelle. She has a pet hate of putting pictures on layouts that are landscape and portrait and I am inclined to agree that it looks more pleasing to the eye to have a nice line of photos. I used paint to create a border and then put some blue splodges in the corners.

I tied the middle pic up with some Miss Caroline twine to make it stand out.
I used washi in the top edge and bottom edge - overlapping the pictures.
I decorated with punched out starrs given texture with glossy accents, a flag and an American Crafts sticker.
I think turquoise and pink is a great colour combo and it really stands out and looks very bold and fresh. My sister and I were discussing the trial of coming up with titles for our layouts, earlier this week, and I said I often use song lyrics as inspiration or phrases. In this layout I thought of the title 'Market Value' as one of the things that I journalled about was that when we went to the market in the evening we got some real bargains - as all of the stalls were selling their food and drinks off before closing. I am a fan of cheesy puns - how do you all think of titles? Is it the first or last thing you plan in a layout?

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