22 Oct 2012

Messy Mondays: Scrapbook layout of arty Barcelona!

One thing which people always told me about Barcelona was that there was art everywhere. I certainly found this to be true. My sister and I loved all the graffitti on the boulders at the beach - it made a nice change from all the naturists on the beach. We couldn't believe how many people got their bits out of a public beach - men included. And old men at that...
I felt that I needed to dedicate a whole layout to this art form and so I did.

This was my personal fav!
 I wanted the layout to be bright and bold to fit with the subject and so edged all my embellishments and photos in black to make them pop off the page. I also added washi tape and veneer cameras from Studio Calico to embellish. Don't you just love the supersize camera too?

In other news (as it feels like its been a while):
  • my sister is loving in in Vancouver and you can follow her adventures over here on her blog.
  • I am looking forward to making this tomato soup cake now that autumn has arrived
  • If I had lots of money I would buy these shoes and this top
  • Only two more gets-up till half term - 8 weeks is surely too long without a break?
  • I have been getting into a frenzy about all things pumpkin - like all my fellow bloggers and pinners. Pumpkin milkshakes or scones anyone?
What are you into right now?


  1. 8 weeks is surely too long?! Think about poor me who gets no half term at all!! I'm going pumpkin crazy at the moment too, we tried some amazing pumpkin pie ice cream the other day!
    At the moment I'm loving WEEKENDS! days without rain, planning our first trip across the border, and upcoming halloween fun!
    I love the polka dot paper you used and that camera embellishment (someone really cool must have got you that!) and the 'love these' arrow is cool too xxx

  2. Pumpkin milkshakes? Now they sound really something!

    I like your bright Art page very much.

  3. love this page - so full of fun :)

  4. Lots of bright and bold things on here - from your dazzling page (gosh, those paintings are vibrant) to spice mix combined with tomato soup! I'd say you've caught the Barcelona spirit perfectly!

  5. Hey lovely! I really like this post. Lots of bright, happy things! :) Really want to get into scrapbooking.
    Hope you're well. Sarah xox

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