6 Feb 2011

Snapshot of my week...

The H had had a stressful day at school and so wanted to do something straight after work to take his mind off things. I instantly thought of the amazing Clock Cafe in Headingley that I used to frequent in my student days. Curly fries, smoothies and scrabble - what more can a girl want?? So we had a fab time and I have this pic ready to scrap for my fav games layout on TAAFOMFT! Last night was the first of the Come Dine with me's that a group of 7 friends are doing. Last night it was the Flin's turn and they prepared a tapas style evening. Above was the crowning glory - tirimisu (I know not v.Spanish but so delish!!) Our starter was assorted olives and breads with oils - love this! The chef in action... A classic Est pose! But the setting wasn't quite right and so Jon is quite blurred! We scored them out of ten for starter, main and dessert and then picked out of a hat the next person who will take their turn in a few months. It was a great night and we can't wait for the others.

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  1. that looks so fun- loving the olive & bread starter. The tiramisu looks yummy but how did they make it without coffee :) what was their total score?


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