7 Feb 2011

Love cupcakes?

It was February's Iron Cupake contest and obvs the theme was love. I racked my brains over it and decided to avoid the obvious reds and pinks and go for gold with a Romeo and Juliet themed cupcake. I called it "star crossed lovers" and had fondant stars shooting from the cake (the display one!) and gold edible glitter. Above were the winners for the night. I never got to try them as I was all cupcaked out as I always indulge in some of my frosting and then feel all sugared out! Doesn't the sign below remind you of scrapping??! Here are my babies. I used wrappers from Morrissons as they have a really good baking range now, my mom got me them for Christmas. My sign was written in gold pen and star shaped - it was a bit of a rush job and I have big ideas for it too! A close-up of the examplar one which they grade the appearence on. My sisters went on a baking course and saw the idea of winding wire round a cocktail stick to make a little spring. It was tricky to get the fondant star to stick to the wire as it had already dried. Here they were before I started decorating them. Naked. Sorry this post goes backwards (I always forget which order to load them up in) The sponge was chocolate and honeycomb. Just a basic vanilla sponge with a cup of blitzed crunchie bits and a tablespoon of cocoa and two tablespoons of maple syrup. Then it was chocolate frosting (but not very chocolately) and then added glitter and honeycomb crumbs. It was really tasty and different to the others. I came...in third place and so was quite pleased with that!


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