19 Feb 2011

Let's hear it for the holidays...

Has been a nutso week and am feeling so glad to have a week to chillax (as the *cool* kids say!) I have been neglecting my scrapbook room recently and now we need to reestablish our close bond. I have many projects in mind. I am starting a document 2011 and am part way through my January entry - exciting! So will share that v.soon. Went to see Never Let Me Go with the sixth form on Wednesday night as they are studying it for their English lit coursework. It was a very moving film and Grant acted Knightley off the screen (see above for the lovely ladies themselves!) All the kids said they preferred the book to the film, but it is usually that way when you study a book in so much depth. I leave you with a pic of my gorgeous valentines boquet, which my hubby got bullied into getting me, on valentines, by all the ladies he works with! There are some benefits to him working in a very female dominated profession! Love that he went for purple instead of the tradition red roses - much more me. Will post some scrapping later. TFL.

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