13 Feb 2011

Inspiring weekend...

After a relentless week of parents evenings, a relentless non-abridged production on Hamlet and so much marking I got hand ache I felt I deserved a weekend soley of 'chilling.' We awoke ridiculously late on Saturday and headed over to Costco and some of our other fav hotspots in Leeds. The afternoon consisted of going to see this fab film at this fab destination. It was the perfect regal and old fashioned venue for such an inspiring story of friendship and overcoming your obsticles. Through teaching I have seen that if you place faith and confidence in someone then they rise to the occasion.I know I was a bit late getting on the band wagon for this. What did you all think of it?


  1. Hiya Mel,
    It sounds like you had a hard week last week. But isnt it lovely to just chill at the end of it with your otherhalf.
    I've not yet seen the film but a few of my friends have said it's brilliant so I might well plan an evening out for my and hubbie.
    Take Care Hun - Ju xx

  2. I saw this at the weekend too and loved it! Hope they both win oscars. I love how he called him Bertie!


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