20 Feb 2011

Peanut butter cupcakes...

Had some American friends over so felt it was the best time to use my cute little cases. Used a recipe for the cupcakes from a Next cookbook, similar to this one. Then I used good old Hummingbird's chocolate frosting recipe. They were good.


  1. hmmm these look good! I love the stars and stripes cases, the stars look cool on top too. I never used to like peanut butter but after trying a few peanut butter cupcakes at iron cupcake i decided its not so bad!

  2. I am the biggest peanut butter convert! We have been working our way through a pan of chocolate and peanut butter brownies all week (the ones I made whilst skyping you) they were so yum! These look really good!I love the stars on top to co-ordinate with the cases! Check you out cupcake baker!


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