15 Jul 2010

Lamenting the demise of Scrapbook Inspirations...

I used to love Scrapbook Inspirations, and I know a lot of my followers did too, I used to look forward to it arriving on my doorstep every month and was even known to shout in exclamation a few times (*ahem* every month!) I would pour over each issue and devour all the delish layouts. I would often post-it note my favs and plan on using them as inspiration later. So when I had some quite dark, very red and pink pics from a fab mocktail night with my fav girlies Hester and Anna I knew which layout to scraplift. It's a Shimelle originial fro the February 2009 issue. I loved everything about her page (I tried to take a pic but it didn't come out very well) and so used it all - the shaped paper, the clashing prints, the haphazard and random font title and the two pics with little circle embellies. I am so pleased with the final product. In fact it is my fav page in ages! My fav part was making the title and I am defo gonna use that technique again.
So all you SI fans let me know if you ever scraplifted a layout from there. Does anyone know why it stopped being published? I think it was cos there weren't enough buyers....I was super annoyed cos they started sending me this rubbish card mag and I am so not into making cards at all. I think it was partly my fault for not replying to this form...but I am rubbish about forms and I think it is cheeky just to switch you to another random mag.


  1. I love this page!! the title looks amazing, i definitely want to try this, how did you do it? I'd love to see her page as well! All the papers work so well together and the colours,I love the heart strip at the bottom, the buttons and the stitch detail, just all of it! Creating keepsakes is a good alternative to scrapbook inspirations its just where its available. thanks to borders closing its not that easy anymore! Selfridges is the only place I know now!

  2. OHHHH :( I loved that mag tooo! Seems such a shame! Now to find another that I like! xxxx

  3. LOOOVE the technique you used for the title! Great work!

  4. I think my fave feature of the page is the edging of the paper...did you edge that red pattern bit with glitter or something? it adds some style for sure and I along with the rest of your fans love the lettering, it's a great page all round! x


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