28 Jul 2010

Fruity fajita night....

So fajita's always remind me of my fav Friend's episode when Ross invites Rachel and Joey (the new and recently outed couple) round for dinner. He keeps saying "it's fine!" in that tone of voice which completely suggests otherwise. Then he says "the only thing that wouldn't be fine would be if you don't like Mexican as we are cooking fajitas!!" Of course it is not the same without the accents, but if you have seen it I am sure you will agree that it is soooo funny!! So during graduation weekend we went for mexican food and Laura and I opted for fruit fajitas for dessert. It was a feast of toffee, mascapone cheese, chocolate flake, pancakes and caramelised peaches and bananas. But it was surprisingly not sickly. I used lots of clashing patterns taking inspiration from this new blog I have found called Scrapjacked. The title was stamped and then thickered (my new verb!!!)
I love making flowers from paper and distressing them. I added the ribbon to give it some more dimension and make it stand out. I am pleased with the end result - my fav layout in a while.
I am looking forward to their next sketch....


  1. like this -all the patterns work really well together, I made 3 pages on sunday but will have to wait till i have my internet allowance back before i put them up! the flowers really cute and like the title x

  2. ahhahaha!!!!!!!! I LOVE Friends! I can't remember that episode, though! I bet if I saw it, I would remember.
    Loving the layout! very cool! thanks for playing with us over at SJ!

  3. Happy you found us over at Scrapjacked! Love this page!

  4. your page is great!!! love the distressing and the little calender!!!
    have nice weekend!!!


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